Thursday, November 27, 2008

Putrajaya "Lake" Ride

I went for a ride with Dr. Taufik despite some minor rain. He went ahead of me and showed me the trail. So much has been done around the artificial lake and IMHO, its underutilized. On our way back, we swapped bike and it was clear that I need to pump up the pressure on my tyres.

I was training for the upcoming Putrajaya Critical Mass. I hope to join the mass this Friday.

Here is the Google Earth view of our ride. It was a fun ride cos I got to see new places around the lake, and we covered some 15KM.

From Merida TFS-500D

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fishing anyone?

I had my fair share of deep sea fishing. My last trip almost ended my 'fishing career' due to problem with broken control stick and propeller! Left without radio communications, 14 hours away from seashore! I thought we would end up on Vietnam shore. Anyway, we managed to dock in Kuala Besut after 24 hours of grueling sea experience, navigating with tyre float to increase/decrease drag therefore pointing the boat left or right.

From Fishing

View from the boat when we left Kuala Besut was breathtaking. Too bad, no DSLR, just too messy lah.

From Fishing

One of my best trip is to Sarawak. We caught lots of Jenahak! My buddy Nakamoto went along, and our story was on Majalah Pancing!

From Fishing

Masak Lomak Cili Api

During my last fishing trip to Kuala Besut, I brought back some cili api seeds. It was interesting cos it was white in color. Growing in my pot, it became like this ...

From Cook like a chef

but still as hot as ever. Real chili padi, nice for my Masak Lomak ... umm Nilai, where I reside, is in Negeri Sembilan, but most people here don't speak Nogori lah.

Beef Kebab

Weekend Family Activity ... we had fun making this kebab. Simple, and reasonably tasty. I like the taste of grilled green pepper. Combined with yellow onion, beef with a bit of salt and fresh ground black pepper, ahh great. Wish i had Dr. Pepper to go with this kebab! That would be a blast.

From Cook like a chef

Sunday, November 02, 2008

DIY WiFi Antenna

Today, I went to my sister's place and we were talking about the mamak restaurant down the road has wifi access.

I suggested we experiment with a setup, i knew it would work. We sacrificed one aluminium work cover, then tie it as a collector for the wifi signal. After adjusting the focus point, we managed to get somewhere 65% signal quality and about 30% signal strength. That's it! and we got connected!

We are connected at about 2mbps and that should be more than enough!

From DIY_Wifi

From DIY_Wifi

From DIY_Wifi

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Missed Opportunity - paralyzed due to paranoia?

From Merida TFS-500D
Today, my MTB-fanatic friend sent SMS for a ride in Putrajaya. I missed a few rides already, and thought I would go with him today. I already left my house when i received the message. So i thought i would go back this afternoon to pickup my bike.

Soon after my meeting ended, which was earlier than i expected, i rushed home. Freshen up a bit, grabbed the gears, and ... the bike was locked!

I can't find the key, and my spare is with my wife, in the office. So i frantically look for the key and eventually gave up at about 1715hours. Sadly, I picked up the phone, and call him to tell about the lock. I was not sure who else would be there, and felt sorry cos i sent a confirmation earlier.

Anyway, yet another missed opportunity, indeed.

Looking forward to the Friday CM... see you guys there.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cook like a chef - Roast Beef Stuffed with cheese and herbs

I enjoy having good foods, and often times will try to prepare foods myself.

Especially after watching Astro AFC Asian Food Channel. My favorite is "Cook Like a Chef" and "License to Grill"

Here is my version of roast beef stuffed with herbs and cheese. Enjoy!

Garmin 60CS and Merida TFS500

Yesterday I revived my old Garmin 60CS GPS in terms of use. 3 years ago, I mounted it on the windscreen on my car, today, its on my mountain bike. I am happy with the simple DIY mounting with cable-tie. Works for me so far. Yet to bring it to a trail. Can't wait for tomorrow Putrajaya Wetland free ride.

Not much of a trail, but that will do for now :)

I also found a way to upload my tracks to and here is the result of my first free ride.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Amateur Radio aka Ham Radio

This is Nine Whiskey Two Alpha Quebec! 9W2AQ

Yet another hobby. Obtained N3ODN while I was in the USA, and now in Malaysia with 9W2AQ.

I have collections on antennas on top of the roof.

1. Collinear VHF designed by a UK factory which I now forgotten the name :)
2. Diamond X50 VHF/UHF antenna
3. Elk Antenna Log Periodic Directional VHF/UHF
4. Diamond HF
5. Home made HF butterfly tunned for 11m and 40m

From Ham Radio

Here are the transceivers i have

1. ICOM IC-706 Mark IIG
2. ICOM IC-200
3. Two units of Kenwood TM-261
4. Wide Receive handheld Kenwood TH-F6A


1. VHF/UHF SWR Meter from Diamond
2. MFJ HF Antenna Tunner
3. 25 Amps Power Supply made by 9M2NZ Rashid
4. 12 Amps Power Supply

From Ham Radio

MTB again?

After I gave up my proton t-bolt to by brother in Baling, I am again buying a bike! This time a used Merida TFS 500-D. A hardtail as compared to the all mountain dual suspension t-bolt.

This time, more friends are jumping into the bandwagon and I am as excited as I was last 2 years when i bought the t-bolt.

I hope this will be a good hobby and exercise, plus some recreational advantages.

Really looking forward for the maiden ride this Sunday, hehe Putrajaya Wetland Trails.

See you guys there ....