Thursday, October 30, 2008

Missed Opportunity - paralyzed due to paranoia?

From Merida TFS-500D
Today, my MTB-fanatic friend sent SMS for a ride in Putrajaya. I missed a few rides already, and thought I would go with him today. I already left my house when i received the message. So i thought i would go back this afternoon to pickup my bike.

Soon after my meeting ended, which was earlier than i expected, i rushed home. Freshen up a bit, grabbed the gears, and ... the bike was locked!

I can't find the key, and my spare is with my wife, in the office. So i frantically look for the key and eventually gave up at about 1715hours. Sadly, I picked up the phone, and call him to tell about the lock. I was not sure who else would be there, and felt sorry cos i sent a confirmation earlier.

Anyway, yet another missed opportunity, indeed.

Looking forward to the Friday CM... see you guys there.

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