Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Japanese Fried Rice

Quite simple to prepare, and tasty too. Add a simple chicken broth soup, it's perfect for a quick dinner prep. The kids like it too!

From Cook like a chef


kajang-today said...

salam mie,
stumbled upon ur blog from adl8488.Quite fascinating hobbies that u have!
Must admit that i do not remember u that well, though most names like arwah hatta, arwah man snake, berg, balok, kamil mat yeh do ring a bell.
Ahh those days!!!

Dunno whether u remember me or not? Dulu those boys called me as 'Ah Chong', a year older than u guys. I went to St John's.

Do drop by at my blog www.kajang-today.blogspot.com.
Your cup of tea?


azmi said...

Oh yes, I remember you. You remember RUMBEL or RUMBLE? He is from your batch. Now an emergency medicine/trauma specialist in HUSM.

I also remember shazlan and ucin of course, orang kampung aku.

I dont blame you, I was a small little dude those days, and very quiet. so not many will remember me :)

kajang-today said...

rumble in KL now, IJN. He's our SJI football team doctor whenever he is free.

ucin, org kg kau? ohhhh....